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Wide World of ... northeastern sports!


I base my adventures from my home near Allentown, Pa., setting forTriple-A baseball, AHL hockey, one Billy Joel hit, and A-Treat soda. Sports stories are either a jump shot, or an Interstate drive, away. I capture great coaches, legendary or rising athletes, and sports articles about teams in places like Phog Allen Fieldhouse or the Palestra or Cameron Indoor Stadium. I bring the stories back to you! 

Thank you for being a part of the journey where legends are made and our website is the source!

My Passion for Sports Movies


On a Sunday evening cross-country return from San Diego, I stopped off in Knightstown to see the "Hoosiers" home gym. I snuck in the back door, broke up a boy scout session, and found the caretaker, who kindly led me to the gym and locker room where Norman Dale inspired his boys. I could almost see him waiving his notes on the bench and telling the referee, "My team's on the floor."

Paul Brown, Earle Bruce, Chris Spielman, and a horseman.


Make your sports travel bucket list, starting with the historic venues near your home or near your travel destinations. The above picture is Massillon High's football stadium in Ohio. Named after legendary Ohio high school, college and pro coach Paul Brown, the Tigers have featured all-time greats like Coach Earle Bruce, linebacker Chris Spielman, and even one of the four horsemen.


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